Apparently there’s a shit ton of these. Christ I even came across one that put this song to a scene of Breaking Bad… was not a well done vid. But yeah this song really does go with everything.

Hey kids, you wanna see Christopher Reeves Superman kick the ever living shit out of Man of Steel Superman? Well here it is in this video I stumbled onto on Youtube by ToucanLDM…..sort of…..

Here have a panty shot from EQG Applejack on the house, next one will cost you a pretty penny!

Here have a panty shot from EQG Applejack on the house, next one will cost you a pretty penny!

My Equestria Girls fan art, or at least the core pieces. All things considered I really like the “humanized pony” designs they came up with, the actual movie I’m a bit torn (that ending sucked) but yeah the designs have grown on me considerably. My only real complaint regarding the designs are the legs….and how they seemingly make up about fifty percent of the entire body. But other than that their pretty good, I did have fun drawing these designs with my own little touches and I really should draw more fan art of them.



If you were to go back a couple years and tell me this of all things was going to be the best cartoon of this decade let alone that I and several others would become what is now known as “Bronies”, well, I honestly don’t know what I would say I’d just think you were delusional. But thanks to a limited time offer on iTunes I gave the series a chance and I haven’t looked backed since.

For as much as it sticks to the same tone and spirit of previous Little Pony generations it also does whatever the hell it wants putting out what is pretty much a throwback to everything we all loved about cartoons of yesteryear. It has the same quality and feel as the classic animated Disney films in terms of the musical pieces and storylines.

My personal favorites of course are Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle but really all the main/major characters are so likable that there isn’t even a “least favorite” among them. These are definetely the kind of characters you want to share adventures with and are pretty much all the reason you need to sit back and enjoy this show either alone or with family.

Did this while powering through the “first book” of Avatar the Last Airbender”, wouldn’t have taken me so long if I had been watching show I saw before but hey I’ve been putting off looking into that series for a while now.

Fucking video games once again ate up most of my goddamn time, sorry for the delay on this one.

Anyway we all know the real reason why they call her “Princess Celestia” but because this 7espada guy submitted this question I figure he wanted a far less boring explanation… here’s some creep imagery of how much a monster Celestia can be, y’know, for kids!

Terry’s 3rd Favorite Woman in Fiction

And so here we are, the obligatory Pony entry I kept mentioning. If I have to be more bias about it my absolute favorite of the “Mane Six” is actually a tie between Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, both these ponies are great characters by themselves and a joy to watch but for this list I actually have to give the nod to my (technically) third favorite pony just for the extra mile the show’s creators took with her…


Y’know I really don’t have to explain this one in full detail, all I would have to do is tell you guys to go watch the first season’s fourteenth episode “Suited for Success” and it would pretty much do the job of explaining this entry for me.

But if you’re too lazy for that I’ll give you the cliff notes. When she was first introduced she was just the fashionista chick who just happened to have a generosity streak. But see here’s the thing, that marvelous Victorian vogue dress she is currently wearing? She didn’t buy that at some high tier store in Paris darling, she made that dress by her own hooves from scratch. Fashion isn’t just her passion it’s her career, she owns that Carousel Boutique shop in the middle of Ponyville, IN PONYVILLE, she is pursuing her dream of being the premiere fashion designer in all of Equestria in probably the most backwater one horse town in the land. And yes, she will often make dresses and clothing simply out of the kindness of her heart if it’s for someone that deserves it.

Yeah I could go on about how she absolutely rocks as a career woman (shut up I can consider an anthropomorphic pony as a woman, it’s fiction)! But what really what makes her one of my favorite characters is, well, the fact that she is the most funniest of the lot. Almost everything she does is almost comedy gold, everything from the expressions and the voice makes me just split my sides every time hilarity ensues with her, hell I dare say she’s even funnier than Pinkie Pie! This character rarely fails to put a stupid giddy grin on my face, I could watch this diva for hours and never get tired. And yes those dresses she makes are absolutely smashing :3

Pinkie Pie Falls Down

I’m not quite sure why this makes my dick hard, guess it’s just the uber geek in me that appreciates the outstanding effort put into the photoshopping of this parody clip. This is metal as shit! I don’t know for sure who made this clip, all the same I wanna say how much I love the fuck out of you so much right now :3

I was going to make a Sweeney Todd joke where the fluffy pony would end up getting a complete shave by a Sweeney Terry Jones….but then the Fluffy Pony Abuse started to become a thing and so I didn’t do that.

I was going to make a Sweeney Todd joke where the fluffy pony would end up getting a complete shave by a Sweeney Terry Jones….but then the Fluffy Pony Abuse started to become a thing and so I didn’t do that.

Terry’s Top Villains 4

Now you may have noticed a trend with the last three entries on this list, that being that the “villains” picked were not pure villains. Whether by the circumstances of the overall story arc or by the actual core modevations and goals, those villains were only villains by occupation and action. Or to put it better, they were heroic villains, still technically bad guys but for one reason or another could just as easily be considered good guys…

……that trend ends now, from here on out, no more mister nice guys.

It wasn’t just that this chimera-like draconequus was a reality distorting god, it was that he made it a fucking art form. He didn’t just blow the fuck out of every galaxy in his wake like a punk, he made cotton candy clouds that made chocolate rain. But above all else, he fucked over the virtually unstopable Elements of Harmony so hard it took a deus ex machina just to get them back to normal.

He sure liked to play games a lot too, often with a set of rules so strict he had to literally take away unicorn horns and pegasus wings to enforce them. But even then he’s not above straight up cheating, mostly when confronted with a timid yellow pegasus who just. Wouldn’t. Fucking. Break. Down. And then Discord had to just force her to go bizarro. He’s a master con artist with a silver tongue and deadly cunning, able to defeat the Elements of Harmony without even having to literally fight them. And again, it took a deus ex machina (albeit a nicely written one) to get the Elements back in order.

Take away all the fan made work on him and at the end of the day this character only has two mesely episodes worth of footage to his name, but goddamn if he didn’t make one hell of an impression. 

Grammer Nazies strike again!

This was what it was like when I first got into Ponies (back during the early episodes of FiM’s first season), back then the TF franchise (for me) wasn’t doing so hot. TFPrime didn’t give the best of first impressions but I later gave it another shot and liked what I saw. And of course there’s Fall for Cybertron, if that doesn’t bring the bronies back in droves I don’t know what will :3