Some of the many funny Batman and Alfred moments over the years. BROTP.

Alfred Pennysass.

Oh Vector Sigma that last one nearly made me pee myself….

Vector Sigma this was way too much fun to watch XD

Your thoughts on Skyrim?

I don’t even play Skyrim. The over exposure, over hype and just the general conflicting reception from the gaming community sort of turned me off to the game. Besides I have a pretty strict budget regarding video games, can’t get my hands on everything.

So are Virus's Breast real or fake, or should I say feel real or fake because she's an Android? And for that reason why make breasts for her at all if they don't serve a purpose?

Because science.

Decided to move this from DA to tumblr, surprised I didn’t get flagged for this one, I had it up on DA for months even XD

Decided to move this from DA to tumblr, surprised I didn’t get flagged for this one, I had it up on DA for months even XD

Decided to move this from DA to tumblr, surprised I didn’t get flagged on DA for this earlier.

Decided to move this from DA to tumblr, surprised I didn’t get flagged on DA for this earlier.

But Ragyo Virus would be so hot though.

So would a cup of freshly brewed coffee poured all over your lap.

Romi Park should voice Virus.

If by that you mean Virus should sound like Ragyo….

I’d much rather have Miho Sudo anyway….

Who would be your ideal pick for Sammy's VA?

Well either Mae Whitman or Mellisa Fahn, take your pick folks…

So how bad did you think Transformers 4 was?

Didn’t see it, after reading an online plot synopsis I knew right away I wouldn’t like it.

SPOILER WARNING; Optimus gets his shiny metal ass handed to him repeatedly by Lockdown until Bumblebee and some humans finally jump in at the last moment, the Dinobots are only around for a few minutes at the end then set free, and of course Galvatron gets away thus their’s going to be a Transformers 5.

Oh yeah I wanna pay five to ten bucks to see that -_-. ____________________________________________

That reminds me, Rise of the Dark Spark is rather mediocre overall. It has its moments I’ll give it that. hell you get to play as an Insecticon named Sharpshot and the controls for Grimlock feel more satisfying if only because you can transform at will into T-Rex mode. And luckily the majority does take place in the War/Fall of Cybertron era. And more imprtantly the game still had the same gameplay and fun factor as the first two games….

But in the end the total sum of its parts are not up to snuff. The worst part is that it retcons the continuity of Fall of Cybertron so thaty it could be both a prequel to FoC and a tie-in game to Transformers 4 at the same time, and really this wouldn’t be an issue if the execution of the game’s story and events were up to par but they just left much to be desired. Hell the final boss fight is against Lockdown, a final boss that in terms of gameplay easily pails in comparison to both the massive Tripticon and the epic Optimus & Megatron duel. Hell even the ending was lackluster.

And man was this game ugly, the other two weren’t exactly works of art either but man this one takes the cake, it’s especially noticable during the segments on earth with the wonky Bayformer designs, the only ones that looked decent were Bayformer Optimus and Bayformer Grimlock and even then not by much. I played the PS3 version and I seriously doubt it would look good on next gen. Also those Gear Boxes were stupid, it just made getting new weapons and upgrades for the Teletran shop a total bitch hassle. 

Bottomline this is definitely a rental in every sense of the word, not a terrible game by any means but certainly not worth 50/60 dollars retail either. You’ll have some fun with it but don’t be surprised if you don’t get quite the same high as you got with the last two games.

Yeah Beagle Boys does sound like the name of a boy band….

Elsa X Jack Frost One True Pairing! I didn’t believe it at first but dammit they just make the cutest couple…..

Yeah Doug Walker drew this for a gag in his Lorax review, I’m watching the commentary and thus I just found out that “Once-ler’s Secrets” thing is a real tumblr blog. Geez man….

But anyway I really only support ships that feel “canon”, not strictly is “canon” but just pairings that actually click within the context given in canon material…….which would explain why I often have Sora and Riku be a couple in my crappy comics, granted I usually do that as a running gag.

The whole Sora X Twilight and Ichigo X Ryuko thing, I mostly do those as a running gag in my crappy comics. Of course I also do the latter in my works of fan fiction because it ended up giving me so many good ideas for storylines and especially character interactions with certain characters. Actually if I know I can get a good interaction between certain characters by “shipping them” (whether it be visual or text) then I’d go ahead and use shipping if needed.

Other than that I’m not a “dedicated shipper”, and no I don’t really ship Elsa and Jack Frost…